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Welcome to Greenbrook

Welcome to Greenbrook

Greenbrook is nestled within a quaint courtyard in the pleasant beach town of Qualicum Beach, BC on Vancouver Island. Greenbrook is a small, local business focused on beautifully made clothing, a store inspired by a gentler way of life. Ever since we began in 2008, we have always chosen tucked away shops in charming corners, always surrounded by a community of small businesses. 

Qualicum Beach
A couple years back we fell in love with a little 1930s home and the beautiful land it rests on. It’s filled with a wild, lush garden, nesting deer and a twisted arbutus tree at the foot of the driveway. (Rumour is that our home was the original town library!) We made the leap from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, welcoming a softer pace, creative ease and a few dormant years of daydreaming about the future.

The seeds of Greenbrook were planted during these years, with ideas, concepts, and some fundamental values percolating all that time. And this past year, it all came together so naturally, all the pieces of my daydreaming falling securely into place.

Why Greenbrook? 

Greenbrook is where it all started. A nod to my roots. It’s the name of the street I grew up on, where my childhood home stands today. It is a safe and welcoming space, with morning light streaming through windows, flowers in the garden, and a place where your neighbours are friends. Greenbrook was simply a nice place to be and we hope it will continue to be in this next chapter.

The First Season

Yes, we are still a clothing shop, though, an evolution of Oliver & Lilly's: smaller, considered, more refined. Greenbrook is a thoughtful edit of some of the brands and independent designers we have grown to love. Inspired by an elegant ease, clothing that is meant for living, pieces you will hold most dear, clothes made with care.

For those of you who have followed Oliver & Lilly’s over the past 14 years - thank you and welcome back. Greenbrook shares the same ethos and familiar feel (thoughtful and refined). For those who are new, we can't wait to meet you and continue to share our story.

We have a lot planned for Greenbrook, but for the first season, we are building gently, as we get to know our new community, here in Qualicum Beach and online. 

In the meantime, follow along with us For updates, new arrivals and more, please subscribe to our newsletter at

Thank you for following along! 

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