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Greenbrook: Other Things Than Shop Things - Vol. 7

Greenbrook: Other Things Than Shop Things - Vol. 7

Our Journal - Other Things than Shop Things. A place to share what inspires us and what we are filling our days with. We hope you enjoy!

1. If the month of June was your friend. - Hannah Napier Rosenberg 

2. Such an enjoyable read: The Paris Novel by Ruth Reichl

3. Fave Instagram Account 

4. Shop Playlist: Summer Part One 

5. Still riding the good-vibe-wave from the Jon Batiste concert. What a show! He is so full of love and joy and the entire room was bursting with heart - no better feeling than that. 

6. This sheet mask is a game changer. 

7. On the summer menu

8. eeeee! Counting down the days till Season 3

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