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Greenbrook: Other Things Than Shop Things  - Vol. 1

Greenbrook: Other Things Than Shop Things - Vol. 1

Photography by Lucy Laucht 

Introducing our Journal - Other Things than Shop Things. Because we love to share what inspires us and what we are filling our days with. I hope you enjoy!

1. Purchased this book from Mulberry and can not wait to start. 

2. Listening to. All things Nancy Meyers!

3. Watching. It's fresh, funny, and equally heartwarming. 

4. A beautiful and inspiring account. Photographer: Lucy Laucht

5. My niece and I are baking this for her Uncle's birthday. 

6. From Paris and worn daily. Forever my favourite scent

7. Because she knows food... and many other things. 

8. Gretel stripe tee images are by Lucy Laucht. A collaboration between her x DemyLee (in store now). 

Photography by Lucy Laucht 

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