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Greenbrook: Other Things Than Shop Things - Vol. 5

Greenbrook: Other Things Than Shop Things - Vol. 5

Our Journal - Other Things than Shop Things. A place to share what inspires us and what we are filling our days with. We hope you enjoy!

1. The Paris Review -  current subscription

2. What a lovely man, what a beautiful life. "He died happily having served most of his life as a protector of the written word"

3. Reading: Late in the Day + Remember Love 

4. American Symphony was deeply moving and left me breathless. Still reflecting on it.

5. Speaking of Jon Batiste and Suleika Jaouad - Inside their soul filled Brooklyn Home. I have heard Suleika's book is incredible, on my list of future reads. 

6. Shop Playlists: World Music RadioMove through the Winter

7. This is really exciting! Jackie Kai Ellis is writing a second book, she has the most eloquent way of looking at the world and dives deep into helping answer all of life's questions - submit your questions here.

8. Blueberry Ricotta Breakfast Cake 

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1 comment

  • Thanks Leighann! Love your little newsletters.
    Always such great book recommendations!
    Hope to get to Qualicum this year!
    Barbara xo

    Barbara Shynkaryk

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