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Greenbrook: Other Things Than Shop Things - Vol. 6

Greenbrook: Other Things Than Shop Things - Vol. 6

Our Journal - Other Things than Shop Things. A place to share what inspires us and what we are filling our days with. We hope you enjoy!

1. Spring Begins Shyly ...

2. Leanne Ford's new magazine Feel Free is everything! Currently features Rashida Jones, who is simply the coolest. 

*ps. I loved her guest appearance on Dinner Time Live with David Chang 

3. All of Us Strangers is exquisite. 

4. Just ordered this... looking forward to diving in. 

5. Magari by Oca - still thinking about that meal. 

6. Shop Playlist: Spring '24

7. It's a bake your own carrot cake kinda weekend. Giving this recipe a shot. 

8. Me on the daily: mornings in sneakers, afternoons in flats.

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